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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Artist Shop in port Clinton

The Studio, a member-driven art store, recently opened on Rice Street. Although the shop gives the artists a place to sell their work, it also gives them the camaraderie of other artists, a social place to work on their projects and a chance to meet more people in the community.

"Most of us sit at home and don't talk about our work," said member Carol Hovis, who makes children's clothes, pillows and aprons out of denim. "We make it and give it to our children and parents and friends and friends of friends.

"This gives us a way to display it. It is an outlet for those of us who make things."

Although there are many benefits to being a member of The Studio, the shop's customers have just as many. They have the opportunity to purchase high-quality handmade pieces of art, and one of the most notable benefits is the chance to buy something made in the America, something made locally.

"You hear it so much -- 'It's made in China,'" Freeman said. "I wanted to fix the problem. I thought, let's find these people who handmake these things."

It didn't take long.

After she started organizing the shop with the help of Hovis and their friend, Joan Reinbold, memberships started flying in.

Already, 21 artists have signed up to be members of The Studio.

They've brought in jewelry, embellished glassware, curling scarves, yarn necklaces, Alpaca yarn clothing, quilts, paintings and pillows. There are Christmas tree skirts, lapel pins made from wool, hand-painted sweatshirts, photographic art, lamps and handmade greeting cards. The cards range in price from $2 to $3.

"We're really making an effort to keep costs low," Freeman said. "We have neo-arts and traditional arts."

The business has members from Elmore, Genoa, Millbury, Fremont, Port Clinton and Oak Harbor. There are even artists from Michigan and New Mexico that were so impressed with Freeman's concept that they've joined as members.

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