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Friday, 18 September 2009

odd information on Diets and weightloss

Healthy diet has Gonzalez in shape, ready to shine in Atlanta
USA Today
This, he insists, emanates from a decision three years ago to adopt Vegan principles for his diet. "It's clean eating, from a 100% grass-fed source," says ...
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New Link Between Pre-eclampsia And Diet
Science Daily (press release)
As it cannot be synthesised by humans it finds its way into human cells exclusively through our diet. The NHS does not advise against pregnant women eating ...
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Study on low-carb diet leading to atherosclerosis in mice bad news ...
Most people who have read a reputable book on low-carb dieting knows that when you remove the carbohydrate you replace it with an increase in the percentage ...
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Weight Loss 101: Numbers and fit facts you need to know to lose weight
It determined that working out and dieting lowered the amount of weight lost by the participants significantly rather than just one or the other. ...
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Fitness 101: where can I find weight loss support in NYC?
Located in Brooklyn, the Weight Loss Center practices a holistic approach to dieting and weight loss; the aim is to focus on the person as a whole rather ...
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New York Daily News
Phylicia Rashad reveals new figure after losing 35 lbs on Jenny ...
New York Daily News
BY Cristina Everett Jenny Craig’s celebrity client, Phylicia Rashad, reveals her weight loss of 35 lbs in 8 months. When Phylicia Rashad realized she was ...
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BBC News
'Skye diet' sustains sea kayakers
BBC News
By Steven mckenzie Two sea kayakers have stuck to a local produce-only diet on an expedition to promote sustainable living. Tom Pendrey and Sam Bonfield ...
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